10 Brain tickling Riddles that you will probably get wrong!

  1. Question: Can you think of a word that is only seven letters long, but can be rearranged to spell at least 10 other words?

Answer: Therein. This word can be rearranged to create the words there, here, in, rein, ere, here, he, her, herein, the.

  1. Question: The more you take away from this, the bigger it becomes. Do you know what it is? Too bad it’s not a bank account.

Answer: The answer is a hole. You can take dirt away from a hole long into the night and the hole will only get bigger and bigger. Sort of like debt.

  1. Question: There are many different types of stones in the world, some of them even travel around in the oceans and rivers. However, there is one type of stone that you will never find in the water. Do you know what it is?

Answer: You will definitely never find a stone that is dry in the water. They will always be wet.

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