12 Insane Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind

Optical illusions, in some ways, offer an ever-so-subtle wall between our eyes and brains. At first, we think that we are getting the idea that our eyes want to convey. In reality, however, it is not.

In any case, optical illusions give us the feeling that can leave us wondering for a moment. But as soon as we pick up the pieces and connect them, we realize it is a loop.

Today, let us put your mind into work using these optical illusions:

#1. The Rock

If you look closely, you will think that the rock is about to crush the poor creature. Fortunately, it is not in danger – not at all. The reflection of the sky off the pond below somehow makes it appear like the rock is about fall. The rock, on the other hand, is heavily anchored in the pond.

#2. The Checker Shadow Illusion2

Most of you do not know that light can actually make a huge difference in almost everything on this planet. And what better way to prove it than presenting to you the Checker Shadow Illusion. Here, two squares appear to be quite different in colors under different lighting. Apparently, though, they are of the same color.

#3. The Guy Standing Next to a Clear Lake

Now that we are done with the raccoons, perhaps it is time for you indulge in this guy’s adventure. Do you think this dude right here is lying or standing? Well, actually, he is lying down. The tree you see has fallen, with the camera tipped to 90 degrees. And the branches, contrary to what you might think, are really branches of trees poking into the sky.

#4. The Penrose Triangle

The Penrose Triangle is also famously known as the Impossible Triangle, and there is a reason for its name. This one here appears to be a solid and straight geometric shape from one angle. However, the moment you view it from another angle, you will see that it is not what it seems.

#5. The Horizon

Of course, the horizon can also play tricks on us. Called Fata Morgana, the mirage makes it appear that ships hover over water at a certain distance. But because we know that gravity exists – and such a thing only happens in films – we can tell that it is the other way around. Interestingly, this is the main reason behind the famous legend of the Flying Dutchman.

#6. Peripheral Drift Illusion

At first look, you will see and think that these circles are moving. Hate to break it to you but they are not. These are all static. They never move at the point where you are looking at. Unfortunately, researchers have yet to find an answer as to why this illusion works in such a way.

#7. Café Wall Illusion

Are these lines really built this way? Well, they were not. They are, in fact, perfectly straight lines that make the right angle. But the way the white and black tiles are offset results to an illusion, making you think like they are curved or crooked.

#8. The Perspective Drawing and Selective Snipping

Believe it or not, this is lying flat on a table. It is not popped up at all. As the name suggests, this illusion works because of the way it is drawn and snipped.

#9. The Seemingly Giant Pothole Floor

The step on this floor, you will get the feeling that you will be sucked into a pothole or something. Or not really, as this floor is flat. You might feel a bit dizzy, though.

#10. The Round Circles

Try cross-eyeing this one and see if you can find the perfectly round circles. There are four of them, by the way. And, oh, none of them touch each other. If you manage to pick them up, you may agree that they are a bit difficult to isolate.

#11. Same Photo That Looks to be Taken From Different Angles

Yes, that is right – these photos (both left and right) are the same. Nothing is Photoshopped whatsoever. And nope, they are not taken from different angles. They are identical. Your brain is just trying to confuse you. To actually get the trick, try to focus more on the car than the road.

#12. Which is Which?

Do you think this guy is looking straight at the camera? Or is he actually looking to the left? Hard to tell, right? Just keep looking at it and you will soon find out. We would love to tell you but this one here is something that we want you to solve on your own.


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