12 Things That are banned for the weirdest reasons!

Different countries have different cultures. This means some things have a way different meaning to it in other parts of the world. But definitely some of these items on the list are so strange you’ll wonder if these governments were high on something!


10- Time Travel In China.

Not actually time traveling, all the movies, and tv shows or any other form of media that focuses on time traveling has to face censorship in China today because the government feels that these types of movies or tv shows show out a wrong image of history.

9-  Ketchup in France.

This is one of the strangest things banned around the world.According to the French government,  French teenagers started using lots of ketchup and hence deteriorating the actual taste of French cuisines and thus this led to the ban of selling ketchup in school cafeterias. There was one exception to this rule, though, when the students order french fries they were allowed to have a little amount of ketchup.

8- Spanking In Sweden.

Though the physical punishments are completely banned in schools in most parts of the world, but in Sweden, even parents are not allowed to spank their children. Yes, Sweden was the first country to ban parents from physically punishing their children.

7- Chewing Gum In Singapore.

Passing a boring lecture without a gum in the mouth is impossible. Pity on Singapore residents especially schools going people. But seems like this rule was made to maintain hygiene and keep places clean, as in Singapore the elevators, inside of a desk or bench, under and on the chairs and even subway doors there was chewed gum epidemic. Subways facilities started to get delayed due to this and hence since 1992 chewing gum is banned.

6- Avatar In 2D In China.

This one’s a cracker. The main theme in James Cameron‘s Avatar is people siding with an indigenous population against an imperialist force. Apparently, China did not like the idea so much. So they thought of a solution: to ban the movie in 2D. Since China has almost no 3D theaters, it was very simple to prevent the people from watching the movie.

5- Mcdonalds In Bolivia.

Bolivian cuisine is practiced in a discipline with love, time and care and people live by these laws and thus McDonald’s stood no chance. During its short stay in the country, almost no Bolivians ate there.

4- Yellow Clothing In Malaysia.

Everything from yellow hats to shoes, bracelets to hairpins in Malaysia you are not allowed to be seen with. In 2011 Malaysian government banned yellow because it was the color of opposition. It came as a shocker because yellow was the royal color in Malaysia.

3-  Valentine’s Day In Saudi Arabia.

The government here feels that Valentine’s day is against the Islamic rules and thus led to the ban of the celebration of this day in the country. Even everything red near this day is banned in the country.

2- Western Hairstyles In Iran.

Most Islamic countries believe that western culture is no good and the government of these countries does everything in keeping the people out of the influence of the west and it includes some hairstyles that the government thinks is inappropriate.  Mohawks, mullets, spikes, and ponytails are illegal in Iran.

1- P*rn Featuring Small Breasts is one of the things banned In Australia.

According to the Australian Classification Board (ABC), women with A cup breasts are not really women. If you like watching p*rn featuring women with small breasts, you secretly love child porn. Sure, laws against actresses that are under 18 starring in porn are good, but the ABC feels that small breasts make women look as if they’re under 18. While there’s no law preventing you from watching porn featuring small cup sizes, the ABC did reject a number of movies solely on the breast size.

So after going through these 10 strange things banned around the world, don’t you think this world is  a weird place to live in?

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