15 Stunning Nature Inspired Tattoos

Russian artist, Pis Saro originally from Sevastopol, Ukraine specializes in a truly special kind of tattoo.

The tattoo artist is incredibly fond of flowers and other delicate botanical elements. So, she use real leaves and flowers as stencils to create botanical tattoos. Her beautiful work hasn’t gone unnoticed, with the artist racking up a following of nearly 500,000 on Instagram.

15 of her best works in one spot, and here they are!

#15 Admit it, this looks pretty cool

#14 Who ever thought a tulip tattoo would look this good?

Весенний тюльпан. 🌷🌷🌷мой любимый цветок💕#plantsportraitsseries

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#13 If you ever want a tattoo that isn’t mainstream, you know where to look

#12 This one looks pretty elegant

Lotus flower. 🌷

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#11 Trashy? Think again.

One more work to #plantsportraitsseries .🌷🌿🍃

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#10 The sheer level of detail she puts in is staggering

#9 The perfect little wrist tattoo

Портрет веточки туи 🌿#plantsportraitsseries #pissaro #pissarottattoo #thujatattoo

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#8 Simple, yet gorgeous.

#7 Even Cupid would be proud of this arrow

#6 Simply keeps raising the bar

#5 Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better

Boho bouquet with customer’s wedding flowers . 💐🌷🌻🌺💖.

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#4 This is pretty much as good as it gets when it comes to back tattoos

Олень и цветы магнолии. 🌷в два сеанса.

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#3 A great rendition of a flamingo

Флористический Фламингоооо💕👛🌂🍥🦄🙆🏼🌸

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#2 She truly knows her way with the ink

✨As you can see , I don’t usually use my page for any promotion as many bloggers do on Instagram . But when I saw this suit, I decided to contact @bluebellaofficial for collaboration. At first this model fascinated me as a girl and an artist . It looks sophisticated and unusual on women’s body. 
For my followers @bluebellaofficial created 20% off promo code for the whole of July -PISSARO. link: https://goo.gl/AkZayw 🌿. I save it in my bio for couple days . Как вы заметили , я не пользуюсь своей страницей для каких-либо рекламных целей , как большинство блогеров в Инстаграм . Но когда я увидела этот комплект в сети , то решила сама написать @bluebellaofficial о сотрудничестве . Прежде всего, он меня покорил , как девушку и художника ! Комплект Nova очень органичен на теле и при этом смотрится супер необычно . Для вас , мои подписчики ,@bluebellaofficial дает 20%-ный скидочный промокод на июль -PISSARO. Ссылка :https://goo.gl/AkZayw . 🌿 Переводные татуировки можно все так же приобрести на всей территории России , написав на почту : [email protected]

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#1 The photography makes this a lot more amazing


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