16 Photos Of Parent’s In Their Younger Days That Will Shock You!

Our parents are totally out of date to us. Their sense of humor, style everything is so boring and we could never imagine them to have any fun personality to them. There is nothing cool about them, right?

You’re probably wrong! Back in the day they were the hotshots and the latest of them all and here are some pics that will prove this point!

My father. Nothing can be cooler.

My 16-year-old mom enjoys her life and her Camaro.

My father was a gamer in his youth. 1996.

My granny (a vet) and my dad had been raising a lion for several years. 1959.

My dad creating a bust of my mom. 1980.

My dad is sure he was the coolest guy in the 1980s.

My mom’s selfie before it was mainstream. 1989.

My father is barbecuing on a submarine roof.

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