17 People Who Show Us That Walmart Is A Whole Another World

Did you know that if Walmart were a country, it would be the 26th largest economy in the world. That would put it above countries such as Austria, Hong Kong and Singapore.

It’s no wonder the store is doing so well financially, it’s always filled with bargains that many eager shoppers are happy to search for.

In a typical Walmart Neighbourhood Store, you can expect to find around 29,000 items up for grabs. If you go to a bigger Supercentre though, you have the luxury of even greater choice, these stores stock up to 142,000 items.

Love it or hate it, Walmart’s are filled with some very interesting products ranging from produce to the latest technology. If you can think it, they probably sell it at Walmart for a reasonable price.

Aside from its weird and wonderful products, Walmart has achieved a cult status in the internet community. Why?

Because Walmart tends to attract some interesting customers…

Don’t believe me?

Take a look:

#1. Horsing Around

Are my eyes deceiving me or is this guy actually wearing hooves on his feet?

Oh it’s just a normal guy horsing around Walmart… Nothing to see here!

Got a nice long mane too, neighhh!

#2. Braided Mullet

Nothing says going to Walmart more than a stylish braided mullet. Looking good you funky cowboy!

Mullets are quite rare nowadays however if you still have a mullet, you probably shop at Walmart.

#3. Mystery Meat Section

Maybe when you go to Walmart, wear a shirt. I mean I’m all for feeling comfortable in your own skin and shopping environments that make us feel at ease but PLEASE. This is too much.

I know it may be hot but it could be a vest at the very least!

This woman clearly doesn’t care as she wonders round the fridge and freezer section baring all for the innocent Walmart customers.

She’s as bare as the meat in front of her!

#4. Diaper Shopping

I’m not sure wearing a long vest top and a knicker and diaper combo is the best look, even when your shopping at Walmart!

But this woman clearly sees nothing wrong with this look as she casually strolls round the shop in her cart.

Sorry hunny but that is a top and not a dress. Good job she looks like she’s headed for the clothes, maybe she’s going to buy the part of her outfit she forgot to put on.

#5. Thicker Skin Needed

This is absolutely scandalous and typical Walmart. Has nobody mentioned the fact that you can see straight through her leggings.

Sometimes you need thicker leggings while your wearing rude knickers. Otherwise your just advertising your love for, well, that.

She loves *ick and we love Walmart!

#6. Hairy Situation


Have you ever seen somebody so American. This guy has absolutely no shame.

I wonder if he’s shopping for wax and razors? They’re on aisle four!

#7. Training Wheels Needed


Those shoes wouldn’t be my first choice for shopping at Walmart, but each to their own I suppose.

Im trying to think of a suitable time to sport these shoes, and I’m really struggling. All I know is that they weren’t designed for pushing a shopping trolley round Walmart.

#8. WW: Walmart Wrestling


Yep, just when you have thought you’d seen it all. Walmart provide a wrestling ring for their shoppers. And it has put a halt to their shopping as they sit around watching.

Sometimes Walmart likes to provide its own in store entertainment… That would make your weekly shop a lot more interesting!

#9. Going To The Beach


Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean you have to be beach ready at Walmart!

Im not even too sure that this guys shorts are even suitable for the beach. They look like dirty white boxer shorts.

#10. All Dressed Up With No Place To Go


We all like making an effort when we go out. You know, do our hair nice, put on a bit of make up and some nicer clothes so that we don’t end up looking like one of those people in a compilation of photos of weirdos at a discount store…



#11. Butt touching

This is absolutely grim, he isn’t even doing it on the sly. I’m not sure Walmart workers hygiene is on point judging by this picture.

#12. Parenting Hack

That’s one way to keep your kid from walking off I suppose…

It actually stops your kid from picking up random toys and sweets as well. In fact, this woman is a complete genius – may we all physically restrain our children! Wait no… definitely no.

#13. I Like Short Shorts

How are people leaving their house dressed like this, it is truly mental.

We’ve all seen/heard of the funny idea that two hands either side of a person’s…rear… spell out LOL. But to wear some tiny shorts with a weird picture of the same idea is a bit too far if you ask me.

I could have done without seeing that…

#14. That’s Not A Dress

Maybe the next time you go out you should put a real dress on that actually covers you…

Or at least not prop your leg up like that, it shows too much!

This woman doesn’t seen too fazed by the fact that the whole of her body is on show though. Passers by may be a little more bothered.

#15. Knickers And Short

Im not sure if she forgot which to put on first or she actually thinks that this looks good, either way, this cannot happen again.

I mean, please put some real pants on…

#16. I Was Thinking That Too

If you’re that bald I suppose you become very attached to what little hair you have…

But this guy really is clinging on to what he has left. Let it go pal! He looks like one of those freaky voodoo dolls, not a good look!

Photo: buzz.auntyacid


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