20 Couple Comics That Are Too Relatable If You Have A Clingy And Cute Girlfriend

Cutesy couple’s comics seem to be on trend these days, with plenty of inspiring and heart-warming examples to choose from. These comics are from Seoul-based artist gyung and tell simple tales of love and the joys of companionship.

If you are in a relationship, you’ll absolutely relate to some of the situations gyung, whose real name is Kyu-Young Lee, portrays. If you’re a little lonely, they will inspire you to go out and find your special someone!

Kyu-Young has been illustrating his comics for about a year now and says that they are definitely based on real-life situations. “Yeah, it’s all about us,” he told Bored Panda. “It’s our precious story, we met three years ago and just got married this month. Nowadays she thinks that she should try to provide as much material as she can!”

For now, the comics are just a hobby and a way to chronicle his and his wife’s lives together. “I work for a design company, but I can’t draw the pictures I want to,” he explained. “Companies require you to draw pictures for consumers. However, the pictures I post on Instagram are the ones I actually want to draw.”

“I get inspiration for my comics from my life. My girlfriend is a huge part of my life. Sometimes people can’t say what they want to say. That is why I like to express my words in pictures.”

Take a look:





















Photo: boredpanda


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