From $20million A Film To $25.50 An Hour, How Much Stars, Camera Operators And Everyone Else In Tinseltown Is Paid

The salaries of Hollywood’s mightiest stars – and lowliest production staff – have been revealed.

In spite of comparatively broke times in La La Land, pay-packets for dependable megastars like Jennifer Lawrence remain enormous, with the Hunger Games actress allegedly receiving $20million (£15m) for upcoming thriller Red Sparrow.

Also involved in the highest bracket are the likes of Will Smith (for Bright) and Dwayne Johnson (for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle).

In TV, the biggest payouts were for the likes of The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki, who each took home about $900,000 (£670k) an episode, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

But not far behind are the likes of Kevin Spacey, earning $500,000 (£374k) for every House of Cards episode, and the main Game of Thrones stars, who earn about the same.

In Hollywood, however, there are grades of pay, as in any industry.

In film, the middle bracket of stars can expect to earn less than $3million (£2.3m) per production.

Emma Watson reportedly earned a relatively modest $3million (£2.3m) for her performance in Beauty and the Beast, while Jessica Chastain was given $700,000 (£524k) for Woman Walks Ahead.

But don’t feel too much pity, Watson apparently collected a total of about $20million (£15m) after the film raked in over a $1billion (£750m) at the box office.

Most surprising is who can be found in the bottom bracket of Hollywood’s pay hierarchy.

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot was the driving force behind a movie that earned over $800million (£600m) at theaters, but she was paid about $150,000 (£112k).

This is because she, like Man of Steel star Henry Cavill, is new to Hollywood and was starring in her first big productions.

Returning to TV, middling pay is picked up by the likes of Game of Thrones actress Indira Varma.

She was given $55,000 (£41k) for every episode.

Bottom of the pile were, incredibly, some of the biggest stars of recent TV.

The child actors from Stranger Things, which was a huge success for Netflix, reportedly took home a fairly modest $30,000 (£22k) for each episode they appeared in.

But the youngsters can expect bigger salaries in the future, particularly Millie Bobby Brown, who won enormous praise for her portrayal of ‘Eleven’.

Not everyone in Tinseltown is taking home such gigantic remuneration, however.

The people who allow the multi-million dollar stars to be heard, microphone boom operators, earn between $37,000 (£28k) and $120,000 (£90k) a year.

Makeup artists often earn between $37,000 (£28k) and $75,000 (£56k) a year, with the biggest names getting $124,000 (£93k) for blockbuster productions.

Camera operators, meanwhile, get between $25.50 (£17) an hour and $154,000 (£115k) a year for bigger films.

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