225 pounds woman wants to lose weight to impress a guy but ends up losing it for herself!

Whatever your motivation for a healthier life is pursue it because in the end the results are what matter. Molly Smith weighed nearly 225 pounds before she decided to lose weight. In the beginning, she wanted to do it to impress a guy she liked, but by the end, she’d realized the journey was something she owed to herself.

As Molly worked hard to slim down, she gained a confidence and appreciation for life that she didn’t have before. Those boosts made it even easier to shed a total of 95 pounds!

Now, Molly looks so different and certainly feels like a whole new woman.

The best part of all?

At one point, Molly realized that in order to lose weight, she would have to do it for herself and not for a cute guy. That’s definitely the reason why she’s come as far as she has — and sticks to healthy habits these days.

Keep scrolling to hear Molly’s full story, and see what she looks like today!

This is Molly. She’s a 24-year-old nutrition student and an inspiration. Although she’s super-fit now, she didn’t always look like this.

She used to weigh 225 pounds and knew something had to change.

According to Daily Mail, Molly “struggled to control her love of food and would binge on high-calorie snacks.”

She says, “I definitely had a food addiction — that, paired with lack of motivation. At my heaviest weight, I was very much a pessimist, and I felt like the world owed me something.”

She had fallen for a guy and wanted to lose weight to impress him, but soon, her journey turned into something much more meaningful.

Today, she looks so different.

Now, Molly feels like a completely new person! She’s dropped 95 pounds, and her smile is bigger than ever.

Not only is she toned, she also knows what true happiness feels like.

Molly explains, “My family ate a relatively clean diet, but due to my food addictions, I would always find a way to overeat or go insane when I did get hold of treats.”

She wasn’t happy with her herself and, after she met a cute guy, finally felt motivated to lose weight. She wanted him to like her and thought he would fall for her, too — if she were slimmer.

So, she began her journey.

Soon, the struggle to lose weight became less about the guy she was chasing after and more about her.

Molly’s opinion mattered the most, and she realized that she wanted to be healthy for herself and nobody else.

On her Instagram, Molly writes:

“Until I became healthy I didn’t even know there was another way to live. When I eat like crap and drink, I’m constantly tired, lethargic, feelings of depression, stomach pain and the list goes on. Our bodies are crying out for help and we just ignore them and to me that’s extremely sad. It’s time for things to change!”

She started eating healthier meals and doing tons of cardio. The weight kept slipping off, and, eventually, she shed a whopping 95 pounds from her 5’4 frame.

Molly is certainly proud of how far she has come, and the fact that she did it naturally makes her accomplishment even greater.

Although that cute guy is long gone, Molly’s new lease on life is here to stay!

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