Adorable Rescue Pit Bull Won’t Stop Hugging Mommy Who Adopted Him!

Dogs are the most loyal animals and are very expressive. So The woman that you are about to meet is one of the more selfless people that we have had the chance to get to know and her story is incredibly heartwarming.

Kayla Filoon is a Philadelphia resident who spends a great deal of her time working as a dog walker with the good people at ACCT Philly, a local animal shelter. While she certainly loves all of the dogs that she works with equally, there is one dog who is a little bit more special than the rest.

The dog’s name is Russ and when Russ first arrived on the scene, he was in very bad shape. Not only was Russ severely underweight, he was also missing several clumps of fur and his body was covered in bruises.

Despite all of the sadness that he had been through, Russ still had a lovely spirit and he remained calm throughout the course of his ordeal, treating Kayla with love and respect. He displayed a grasp of basic commands, loved going for walks and Kayla decided that she would adopt him as soon as possible.

Kayla knew that if she did not act as quickly as possible, Russ was at risk of being put to sleep. She filled out the necessary paperwork, brought Russ home and the two would soon become an inseparable pair.

“One night I’m sitting there on the chair, doing my homework, and he’s trying to find ways to cuddle with me,” Filoon told the Dodo. “There was a whole other sofa open, and we had his bed on the floor, but he didn’t want to lie anywhere else. So he ends up positioning himself, and I look down, and I think, “Oh my gosh, look at him.’”

“He’s such a love bug, honestly,” Kayla said. “I’ll be lying there, and he’ll put his head under my arm, or his paw over my chest. And he’ll even lay on my chest.”

The photo of these two together is enough to melt your heart and the following video also captures the first of many tender moments that these two are going to be sharing. If this story gave you the feels like it did for us, be sure to pass it along to your friends and family members on Facebook.


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