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This Photo Is The Reason Why People Are Calling Kylie’s Butt Fake

The latest sensation going around is again about a Kardashian butt. But this time it’s a jenner, but hey it’s the same thing.

Anyways, after Kylie uploaded a few jaw dropping photos of herself, people began questioning the realness of her ass-ets (Sorry)

And this is the image which got people talking.

As Kylie Jenner spends her time sunning herself in Mexico on a post-Christmas sun-soaked vacation, some of her Twitter observers are cowering by the light of their iPhone screens, taking to Twitter with ‘evidence’ that the youngest Kardashian Klan member has had surgery…


Feel Me?

A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Lounging around by the pool, Kylie has been photographed wearing a teeny tiny bikini that some people think reveals more than just her famous behind.