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Bugged By Bees For More About 48 Hours


Like most of you out there, I have something against bees; these yellow bugs know how to scare the crap out me. If you want me to leave a spot, just tell me that there are bees buzzing about.

Probably, bees live on pollinating flowers just when they have some leisure left after stinging you and other beings. Whether, they are bees or wasps, they’re all the same to me. If you can sting me for no rationale motive, then you are a bee in my book and I am petrified of you.

It is a bit of relief to know that I am not alone in my fear of these yellow and black winged tiny monsters.


So, I can relate to the ordeal that this SUV-owner might have gone through when a swarm of 20,000 bees stalked his car for 48 straight hours.


Roger Burn’s is a professional Beekeeper and was stung about “15 or 20 times” as he assisted four of his colleagues and park rangers to sweep the bees into a cardboard box. I must admit that it makes them a gang of brave freaking men. They got infinite of them in there, along with the queen, but then a gust of breeze blew the top off and it happened all over again, with the queen receding back into the trunk.

Roger said in an interview with Metro:

“From past 30 years, I have been beekeeping but have never witnessed a swarm doing that. It is expected for them to follow the queen but it is bizarre to see them like this and quite unexpected to have a car pursued for two days. It was quite amusing.” -.

Once the beekeepers successfully removed the Queen from the car, the bees too left. While the bees were chasing the car, Burns kept wondering that there might be something sweet in the back of car that might be attracting the Mama Bee.

Either that or bees just really like stalking the people to sting them.

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