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This Massive 16th Century Sculpture In Italy Has Secret Rooms Hidden Inside It


If you look casually at this statue it will probably lead you to think it’s meant to represent some kind of deity of ancient times. But practically it’s not. The fact is that behind this impressive stone facade, this sculpture was actually intended to serve a highly practical use.


This majestic statue is more than 10 meters high. Carved out of a rock, it depicts the figure of a man. It was created at the end of the 1500s by the famous Florentine master sculptor, Giovanni da Bologna (or Giambologna).


It’s now known that the sculpture hides an intriguing secret. Several secret chambers are hidden inside its rock-hewn structure. The rooms are such that they could easily serve as a living space for a human being. This model demonstrates the position of the rooms inside the colossal statue.





According to legend, the head of the enormous statue was intended as the location for a fireplace. They say that when the fireplace was lit, smoke would have emerged from the statue’s nostrils.



These photographs show the real hidden grottos inside the giant statue. Their walls studded with shells, corals, pearls and crystals, and painted with frescoes of muscled men mining precious ores.



The giant sits on a rock and is seen to be pressing the head of a monster to the ground. A stream of water from an underground spring flows from the monster’s mouth.


The park where this imposing statue is situated is open to visitors. But it seems that the real reason why there is space to move around inside this colossus has been obscured by the passage of time.

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