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Target Employee’s Act Of Kindness Brings Him Surprising Rewards.


Here’s another feel good story to boost you all and this time it is story of kindness of a 19-year-old Ishmael Gilbert, who was hired to bulk up the store’s staff during busy months.

An elderly woman was nervous as she only had change to pay for her purchase and feared that she would hold up the billing line. But, when she appeared to make the payment Ishmael was patient enough to help her count the change and also told her that she was not an inconvenience.

Another lady who was behind the elderly woman was impressed with the cashier’s gesture and decided to capture the moment in her cell phone and the man had no idea of all this.

Sara Bigler, who captured the moment and appreciated the man directly shared the story on facebook which went viral. As it became famous the man told that he treated the old lady just like he would treat his grandmother.

Another lady who saw his kindness offered him a job and he seized the opportunity. He now works as a patient care tech at Fresenius Medical Care.

Watch the video below:

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