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This Woman’s Birthmark Exploded Just A Few Days Before Her Delivery, But Her Life Was Now In Danger!


Pregnancy does weird things to a woman’s body and mind. The hormones are all over the place meaning crazy mood swings, cravings and a lot more craziness. Add to this the physical weirdness and it’s a strange experience.

That’s what this mom thought when her birthmark would swell and pulse whenever she got pregnant, but her fourth pregnancy really pushed these seemingly natural reaction into something dangerous.

Like something out of the movie “Alien”, a young British mother was pregnant with her fifth child when she noticed that a birthmark on her face was starting to swell. You simply will not believe what happened next.

Sam Davies has had a birthmark on her face her whole life. When she and her husband, Paul, decided to start a family, she noticed that the birthmark would swell and itch.

Through four of her pregnancies, she figured that it was all just another weird symptom of carrying a growing organism inside of her body. And in a way, she was sort of right.

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