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We Enticed People To Clean Up New York City By Trashing Their Least Favorite Presidential Candidate



Still can’t believe how Donald Trump won the election with so much hate against him. New York City has a huge population and the city reacts to the influx of residents, it struggles to stop the overwhelming amount of litter on the streets, this is where a Trash2Trash game came up, where New Yorkers could reduce litter and clean up our streets, as well as a chance to show whom they favor.


By picking your most hated celebrity/presidential candidate, the incentive is to trash your vote rather than trashing our streets. Each day we research online the most hated celebrities in America, and place their face on specially designed trash cans around the city.


New Yorkers seemed to have loved the idea so much they would pick up litter from the ground to trash their vote. Seems like Trash2Trash was a success.

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