Astronaut Finds Treasure From Space, Keeps It A Secret From NASA

An astronaut found sunken treasure from way up in space and kept the thing secret until his dying days.

While on the job during the record-breaking Faith 7 flight in 1963, Cooper was scanning for nuclear launch sites over the course of 22 revolutions around Earth when he found numerous objects deep beneath the sea.

Following the flight, he then came down into the Pacific without notifying NASA or the Department of Defense – he took some notes and never told anyone about it for 40 years.

Prior to his death in 2004, he shared the capsule of info with pro treasure hunter Darrell Miklos.

He’s since produced Cooper’s Treasure, with indie production studio Ample as well as Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television.

Miklos said:

He deduced right away that they were shipwrecks because they were smaller, yet they were out in the middle of nowhere — very isolated locations throughout the Caribbean, Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, South America and off the coast of Florida

We did a lot of research together and we were setting up expeditions with my father, initially, and my father broke away.

We have an estranged relationship, my father and I, so Gordon and I developed a really strong bond.


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