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Woman’s Honest Photographs Brings Her Massive Fan Following.


Most of the photographs in Instagram are so perfect that it can push people to depression. But, the fact is that many of the pics are doctored and altered to make it look good. However, some people like Jess have been appreciated for their honesty.

She got good response when she uploaded side-by-side shots showing her stomach isn’t at all flat or perfect.

And when she recently posted this image, there were few doubts about her cellulite.

She captioned it:

As a response in the comments, this image was posted.

with a caption:

Her honesty and fitness journey has garnered her 119,000 followers who appreciate her honesty.

“I may have mermaid thighs, cellulite and lower tummy pooch, but that does NOT define my being or my worth and it should not define yours, either.”

And that’s certainly a reminder that should be brought straight out into the light.

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