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19 Times A SMH Wasn’t Enough


SMH is what the kids these days type out (Sometimes say out loud) when they mean to say Shake my head! God! FML, these short forms are ridiculous right? (:D) Well, anyways surely you’ve come across something that has made you really feel like there’s no hope at all in the world? I feel it all the time, but then comes a puppy recue video and I’ll be all okay.

But here are the most memorable and more relatable SMH compilation that will probably make a glitch in your neck for permanent head shaking.

Take a look:

1. Smh…high jeans

2. Smh, dude forgot about fridges

viaInstagram / @will_ent


3. Smh, petty

viaInstagram / @worldstar

4. Smh, pettier!

5. Smh, congrats

6. Smh, distracted driving

viaInstagram / @worldstar
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