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Nurses Were Shocked When A 20 Year Old Pregnant Woman Was Not What She Was


A 40-year-old man was arrested in China after he got his pregnant wife to the hospital. There’s nothing wrong in that you ask, of course there isn’t but when you find out why the nurses found the need to call the cops you’ll be shocked.

A 40 year old man has been arrested in China after hospital staff treating his pregnant wife determine she is only 12 years old.

The man had initially claimed that she was 20 years old after taking her to a hospital when she went into labor. Also accompanying the couple was an older woman he claimed was his mother.

The unidentified man had taken the 12 year old to Xuzhou City Central hospital to undergo a routine examination to determine the progress and health of the fetus. Hospital workers quickly discovered that the girl was clearly far younger than he had alleged.

On staff member, speaking to the media said “It’s obvious she is just a child, and certainly not anywhere near 20 years old,” adding the child was unable to answer them as she did not speak Mandarin.

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