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15 Horrifying Things Funeral Workers Have Experienced That Will Make You Pee Your Pants


Hey nothing comes easy and no matter what the job is, it’s definitely going to be challenging. But I wonder what we can learn from a challenge that involves dead bodies suddenly sitting up straight?

Here are some more horrifying events that funeral workers experience quite regularly.

1. Corpses will sometimes sit up.

It’s rare enough to surprise funeral workers when it happens, but rigor mortis can do some weird things.
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2. Bodies can also get erections.

It’s called “angel lust”. It apparently pops up when you prepare a body a certain way. 

3. Some corpses can get a little grabby.

A tissue recovery tech once had a donor wrap his fingers around their hand while they were shaving him. Again, rigor mortis can be a strange beast.
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4. One funeral director had a big Christmas delivery.

Her San Diego facility ran out of space so she had to drive to LA at midnight with 11 corpses in her van. Yikes.
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