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This Makes You Most Attractive In The Eyes Of Men


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A glass of wine is all that you need according to the researchers to look hotter and attractive to the guys. It increases the degree of confidence and ability to blush deeper by facial flushing.

Researchers studied 40 heterosexual male and female students and quizzed them to find the degree of attractiveness of three groups, sober, tipsy and boozed. The study suggests that the group, down with one large glass of 14% alcohol that is 250 ml or one-third of the bottle are the most attractive ones.

As it turns out, alcohol of that percentage and quantity can dilate the blood vessels under the skin and imparts a natural pinkish glow. The healthy tinge in your skin makes you look more attractive and the chance of getting lucky is multiplied. Unfortunately, the power eventually fades away quickly when you are done with your drink. The rosy touch is lost and you look the same like before.

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A small amount of wine has good effects or relaxation and confidence boost. But consuming more than required will make you unavailable in a cognitive way. You need to figure out the level you can handle. Crossing the limit might land you up in the friend zone which you are going to regret the next day. High-level alcohol in your blood might reverse the power to weakness.

Alcohol influences the level of sexual attraction we feel towards the opposite sex. The number of drinks won’t matter when your partner is also drinking. Keep it one or else two will strip off the power you had.