Boyfriend Wears His Partner’s Pink Heels In China

In China, one young man made some girls a bit envious of his girlfriend after he did a commendable deed.

Last week, this guy was clicked swapping shoes with his girlfriend, whose feet were apparently very tired.

An amazed woman, surnamed Xie, captured the moment while the couple were inside a waiting room at a Chongqing hospital, as per a story shared by Shanghaiist.

Apparently, the concerned boyfriend offered his sandals to girlfriend and put her pink high-heeled shoes on his own feet.

The most amazing part was when it was time for them to leave the waiting area, the girlfriend offered to swap back, but, the boyfriend refused, and started strutting out in the high-heels in a so-manly way instead.

One of the friend of Xie who was also at the place where the couple was spotted felt more than a bit envious of the young woman.

She told reporters that she showed the photos to her boyfriend to help “educate” him.

Shanghaiist disclosed that On Weibo, many social media users have expressed their disappointments on the fact that while their boyfriends may offer to carry their handbags, they would refuse wearing their shoes.

While some took notice of the boyfriend’s bold act, some who are very particular with small details took notice of the couple having the same shoe size.


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