Breath Taking Video Of A Near Miss Will Make You Sick!

This is the appalling moment when a bus carrying almost 50 people barely avoided a serious collision on the M40.

Mike Helm, the driver of the bus, captured the incident on his dashcam as the car driving ahead of him span 180 degrees.

Passengers can be heard screaming as the driver shouts ‘Woah!’ when the car in front loses control.

But not a second to spare, Mr Helm managed to slam his foot on the brakes, stopping just inches from the broken down vehicle in the second lane.

And obviously, his 47 passengers were more than grateful.

In the footage, people can be heard cheering and giving a round of applause as Mike skids to a halt on their way back from Oxford.

Figures on the video show that the bus managed to drop from 60mph to 0ph in just six seconds thanks to the driver’s quick reaction.

The video ends with the silver car straightening up on the road after what could have been a fatal crash. Three cheers for Mike!

Photo: metro


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