Bride And Groom Surprise Guests With Awesome Dance Moves

For a newlywed bride and groom, their first dance is a time for them to make a public display of their union as man and wife. Some couples opt for a traditional slow dance, with members of the family joining in, others take this time to show off their stellar moves.

Amir and Yael Zeenreich, the newlywed, decided to make their first dance significant and unique in several ways. Initially, they started out their move across the dance floor with ease, but the incident that happened next caused caused their guests to pull out their phones and record the moment for posterity.

As the music began to swell around them, the couple began to move more ferociously around the dance floor. Before their guests knew it, they realized they were witnessing the couple stomping, jigging and clogging on the dance floor. They finished the memorable, amazing routine with a dip and bow!

Watch the video here:


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