Child With Rare Birthmark Gets 2 Devil-Like Horns Implanted On His Head

The little boy was born with a very clear and large birthmark on his forehead. Fearing that the rare birthmark would cause interference in his future social life, his parents and doctors decided for an uncommon surgery.

George Ashman, from Radstock, Somerset, was born in 2006 with a huge birthmark right on his forehead. One look at this very obvious mark on their just-born baby, and the first thought the parents had was of his future.

The parents were worried that this mark would cause him trouble in the long term, adjusting to society. “As soon as we saw the mark, our minds raced 10 years in future, when he would have no friends, no girlfriend,” his mom, Karen, told the Daily Mail.

So they took a call and finally decided to get rid of it through a unique surgical method.

George in his infancy, with the original birthmark.

The brave child bearing the pain and discomfort of the corrective surgery.

The implanting tissue extenders in his forehead made them look like devil horns. But this was a temporary inconvenience and pain for a more permanent solution.

“When I first saw the implants in place I was speechless,” Karen said.

“They were larger than I expected—and placed on either side of his tiny head looked like horns. My cute, angel-faced baby looked like the devil.”

“‘What I’m most proud of is that through all this I’ve seen strength in George that I never had as a child. He’s different, but he’s himself—and he has never let it hold him back,” she told the Daily Mail.

“My little devil’s got guts—and with or without his birthmark and his horns I’ll always love him to bits for that.”

George, with the implants in his forehead and later with the amazing results

The doctors explained the process the child would go through. The original skin of the forehead would be stretched by inserting implants on either side of the birthmark.

Once the skin was adequately stretched, the birthmark would be removed and his own stretched skin would be used to perform the corrective procedure.

George, all smiles after the surgery was a great success!

George recovered very quickly, and, as you can see now, there is hardly any sign left of the existence of the birthmark.

The doctors’ expertise, the parents’ faith in the doctors, and the child’s endurance and patience, all put together, has most definitely brought about a change in George’s looks and future social life.



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