Chinese Guy Tries To Impress Girl With A Giant Teddy Bear – But He’s Left Heartbroken

Many guys do different kind of things to impress their girl of dreams. But girls doesn’t like such things, they find them very cheesy!

One Chinese guy prepared for his grand proposal to the girl of his dreams the most romantic way that he knew, but, the girl did not appreciate the proposal and refused his love for her!

One rich Chinese man want to confess his love to the girl of his dreams. The guy wants to make his proposal unique and romantic. So, he bought a very expensive 8-foot tall teddy bear at a whopping price of RM 6,350 (US$1,500)  which was so big that he needed to open the sunroof of his car to get it in.

The rich guy head to Hangzhou Normal University driving his luxury Porsche car with his expensive gift. His dream girl studies in that college. The guy then approached his crush holding the bear while a large crowd of students gathered around and waited for his momentous confession.

When he was about to express his feelings, the girl said that she just wanted the teddy bear and completely rejected and threw his love proposal away!

The heartbroken guy felt depressed, went back to his car and cried his heart out loud.

Photo: buzzflare


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