Chinese Man Had A Terrible Day Ever After Getting His Balls Stuck Between Two Powerful Magnets

This man possibly had the worst day ever after getting his balls stuck between two powerful magnets.

Apparently, the Chinese man from Guangdong was practicing “magnetic therapy” with a pair of magnets one early morning when he accidentally got his balls trapped.

The 45-year-old man was in great pain and unable to set himself free so he had to call for emergency services.

Unfortunately, the rescuers were astonished by the situation and completely have no idea what to do with the patient. The firefighter commander then decided to bring the poor man to the hospital.

Since the case is so rare, firefighters and doctors argued over what should be done and who will be responsible if anything goes wrong. But the patient took full responsibility as long as they could set his balls free instantly.

At first, the firefighters decided to use a hydraulic tool but the doctors quickly turned the idea down because the machine won’t fit in the room.

Out of options, they even called the manufacturer of the magnets. The company suggested to slide the two powerful magnets off. However, the doctors also rejected the method for being too risky.

The rescuers were back to square one, while the man’s balls were incessantly crushed by the magnets for 4 hours.

Later on, the firefighters realized the magnets are not as solid as they think.

They decided to use a hydraulic cutter to break them into pieces and were able to free the man’s balls, finally!

Watch the video:

Photo: wereblog


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