Couple Sell Their Belongings And Spend £16,000 Transforming A Bus Into A Hut-On-Wheels For Epic Trip Across Europe

Travel-hungry couple have revealed how they went about transforming a bust-up bus into their dream home on wheels.

Amy Butler, 27, and David Laws, 33, quit their jobs in the Caribbean, moved back to Whitby in north England and spent £16,000 purchasing and renovating a 2005 Fiat Ducato mini bus into a beach hut-inspired home.

Over the course of four months they stripped out the bus seats and fit a bedroom, kitchen, shower and lounge area.

They also decked out the van with a range of homely features including contemporary art and plush furnishings.

Since setting off in August with £5,000 to splash, Amy and David have made stops in France, Spain and Portugal.

They told MailOnline Travel that they haven’t had an argument yet, in spite of living in such close quarters, and that they are loving life on the open road.

‘We met in Dubai and both had full-time jobs but we realised we had to start searching for something more rewarding,’ they said. ‘We decided to sell everything we had and looked to travel around Europe. Our dream is to build an amazing treehouse hotel!

‘We try and stick to a budget of £15 a day and we love making our own food. We have made lots of dim sum and ramen. We currently have a friend from Ireland staying with us as our sofa pulls into a double bed and the bathroom door closes to make two separate rooms.’

During their epic road trip, the couple have been posting photos via their Instagram account @ourbeachbus and writing about their experiences via a blog. Along with recommending places to camp, they also detail places of interest from beaches to restaurants and bars.

Touching on their most recent escapades they write: ‘We drove for hours and hours through the mountains in Spain to end up in Portugal. The landscape was amazing, on the northern Spanish side we were surrounded by green forested mountains.

‘Once we passed through to the Southern side we were suddenly in a much hotter dryer climate, with landscape similar to the Grand Canyon.

‘We stopped at a free campsite on the outskirts of a town in Portugal called Chaves, we found this stop on Camper Contact and it’s a great place to rest for the night to break up the journey to Porto. This was on the river behind a small family restaurant; they let you stay for free, if you are a customer at the restaurant.

‘We just had a couple of beers under their grape vines and headed back to the bus for a peaceful early night. They had a well for you to dump the toilets and a hose you could use to fill up, all for free!’

The lovebirds told MailOnline Travel that San Sebastian in Spain has been a favourite spot, especially with lots of tasty tapas on offer.

Other destinations on the couple’s wish list include Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. Depending on how far their money stretches, they also hope to hit Romania before heading back to the UK.

Amy and David said their mini bus was in bad shape when they first purchased it. On their blog they reveal how they went about giving the blue and white four-wheeler an overhaul and it took hours to make sure it was waterproof.

Recounting the process, they wrote: ‘If like us you brought an old bus, it will probably be full of leaks. We sprayed our bus all over with a pressure washer, and to our horror pretty much every part of the bus that could leak, did leak!

‘This was not just the windows, the wheel bases, and the blue fibreglass trim, but every single roof seal as well. This was a very time-consuming and particularly unenjoyable job to do; we spent about 5 days covered in sticky sealant cursing buying such an old bus!

‘In the end we opted for removing every roof and wall panel joint and seal and resealed them. Get the best sealants possible before you do this. We went through about 20 bottles of clear, white and black Sikaflex for this.’

The couple say they’re not too worried about living in such a limited space together as they make for perfect travel partners.

They originally met in 2014 in Dubai where David was employed as a design technology teacher and Amy was working in recruitment for an oil and gas company.

Since meeting and falling in love, they have lived in various spots around the world including Antigua, Sri Lanka, Whistler, Vancouver, Hong Kong and New York.

Touching on how their busing adventure came about they explain: ‘We had a lot of great adventures along the way including getting engaged and Tuk Tuking across Sri Lanka.

‘However we decided that it was time to try and find somewhere to settle down and start a business together but not before one last big adventure! We have our heart set on finding somewhere in Europe to start a guesthouse eco business, we are ideally looking for somewhere with lots of land that we can use to grow vegetables and keep livestock.

‘We also would like some forestry on the property that David can build treehouses, yurts, and huts and of course bus conversions on.

‘We decided the best way to find our ideal spot would be to buy a bus and convert it into our home on wheels.’

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