Demi Rose Treats Her Fans With Her Sexy Avatar As She Continues To Explore South Africa

Demi Rose’s Instagram account is being flooded with her sexy snaps and fans just cannot get enough of her South African getaway.

In one of her recent posts, she stunned her fans by flaunting her curves in a bikini. The English model also raised the temperatures by exposing her cleavage.

She moves her camera above her head and displayed her sun-kissed surroundings as well. She also added bunny ears to the clip just to make it look funny.

She had earlier posted her swimsuit image which was more revealing. ‘I belong in the sunshine,’ the reality star said in her caption.

In another post, she mesmerised her fans with yet another sexy attire which left very little to the imagination. However, she managed to retain her playful side even with the skimpy outfit.

She captioned the post: ‘My Spirit animal definitely had to be a butterfly. Had the most wonderful week and feel so blessed to have made some amazing memories with the crew for Charley’s birthday’.

She made headlines when she was linked with Kylie Jenner’s ex, rapper Tyga. She then just accumulated fans in huge numbers on her social media account.

She also revealed her secret and said: ‘I try to keep as healthy as I can. With travelling, it’s hard to work out, I travel across the world but try to keep mu routine. Everyone says I’m the healthiest person they know. The fattiest thing I will ever eat is nuts and peanut butter.’

‘My figure just gains weight so fast. Any bad thing I eat my body isn’t used to it and just puts on the weight. That means no birthday cake!

‘All I’ve eaten today is nuts. I’ve managed to eat a whole pot. I feel guilty as there’s a lot of fat in the nuts. That’s my treat! So I’m happy!’ the confident woman even went on to say that her curvaceous figure could compete with the Kardashians.

She said: ‘I have an amazing life travelling the world and showing off curves to rival the Kardasians.

‘I love the best parties, yachts and fast cars – but deep down I’m just a kid from Sutton Coldfield who got lucky.”


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