Dick Van Dyke married a woman 46 years younger than him and its their 5th anniversary!

Back in 2006, Dick Van Dyke was in his late eighties when he noticed a beautiful woman at an awards show dinner. There was something about Arlene Silver, a professional makeup artist, that instantly drew him to her.

Arlene is 46 years younger than the iconic actor, comedian, and all-around entertainer. That means that when Mary Poppins hit theaters in 1964, she hadn’t even been born yet!

Dick admitted he’d never approached a strange woman before. But that night, he did — and the pair eventually fell in love.

The unlikely couple got married in 2012, despite the fact they each had their own doubts about their lasting power. There were many naysayers who also said their marriage would never work out.

But Dick and Arlene have proven everyone — even themselves — completely wrong. They recently celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary; age is just a number.

In the video below from Oprah: Where Are They Now?, Dick introduces Arlene to the world and jokingly refers to her as his “child bride.”


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