Don’t Respond To Scam Messages Like This From ‘Sarah’

The name of Sarah has been used to dupe unsuspecting parents into handing over all their cash.

Unscrupulous scammers are spamming people’s phones with texts purportedly from ‘Sarah’, a loved one who has just been involved in an accident.

When you respond to the message, the fraudster will ask the victim to purchase a mobile phone top-up code and text it back to them.

Once the fraudster have the code, they can get the cash credited to their own mobile phone account, Action Fraud reports

One example of the emotive texts reads: ‘Mum i did try and phone from some else phone signal is really bad, there has been a terrible car accident.

‘I’m in the ICU ward in hospital my phone ain’t switching on and needs charging.

‘I’m on this mobile number please make sure you reply to this number, my friend didn’t make it he died before we got to hospital and his sister’s fighting for her life.

‘Mum i had my seatbelt on, i’ve got a head injury but i’m ok.

‘Going into Xray to be seen, please make sure you message me back and don’t phone cause mobile phones aren’t allowed here so please text in case I’m in there.

‘I will go outside and phone you mum its really bad i need you to do me favour before it’s too late, as soon as you get my text please reply by text i need you to do me a favour mum, time is running out and i need you to do something mum.’

If you are sent one of these messages, do not reply to it or send any codes or money.

Action Fraud UK urges parents to be wary of texts claiming to be from hospital, as hospitals would never force a patient into using a mobile phone which needed credit to activate it.


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