Dressing up like a ‘Living Doll’ is the Latest Fashion Trend in Japan

Meet Lulu Hashimoto, the living doll of Japan!

We’ve seen weird and astonishing fashion trends around the world, but this trend in Japan certainly topped them all.

It’s no secret that many people around the world want to look like a doll or a character. To achieve this, they undergo severe plastic surgeries to achieve the look they want, even if it means they are jeopardizing their own lives.

However, Japanese fashion designer Hitomi Komaki created a ‘costume’ that would make you look like a living doll, without the need of plastic surgery.

Komaki created the full-body suit, which includes a wig, mask and stockings. The identity of the person inside the Lulu suit is a secret, but that hasn’t stopped the doll taking Tokyo’s modelling scene by storm.

Hitomi, 23, said: ‘I have always really liked dolls and for me, the epitome of cuteness is dolls.

‘Many people call my project a fetish, but for me it’s not a fetish but fashion.

‘It’s like wearing nice clothes or putting on false eyelashes to become cuter.’

The suit has airbrushed doll-like joints on the material but does not restrict the movement of the person inside.

Koh Ueno, a designer who created the stockings, said: ‘I want to see women wear these stockings and transform.

‘I want them to experience the extraordinary – to become otherworldly, artificial, or like a doll.’

Lulu has amassed an army of supporters, with thousands of people following her on Instagram and Twitter.

She has been selected as one of 134 semi-finalists from 4,000 entrants in the Miss ID beauty pageant, which includes non-human characters generated by artificial intelligence and computer graphics.

Watch the video below:

Photo: viral4real


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