Dumped College Girl Finds New Skydiving Partner On Tinder

19-year-old student, Emma Vowell had just been broken up with and found solace in a complete stranger and a dating app.

Before he broke up with her, she surprised her boyfriend with skydiving tickets. But, after they broke up, she had both the tickets to herself. So, she went on Tinder, the dating app, in order to find a new skydiving partner.

On her Tinder profile, she wrote a little blurb about her situation and soon, she received a message from another student named Austin. He agreed to take her up on the skydiving offer but wasn’t sure if Emma had certain criteria.

The student then sent her his resume and cover letter — the next morning and got the ball rolling. Clearly, he took this opportunity very seriously!

This is Emma Vowell. She’s a student at Purdue University in Indiana. After her boyfriend broke up with her during the week of his birthday, she was left with a pair of unused skydiving tickets, which were supposed to be his gift.

So, she wrote a little proposal in the bio of her dating app profile, hoping she could find a new skydiving partner there.

Then, another Purdue student named Austin saw her profile and messaged her about the tickets.

Austin asked Emma what her requirements were to go skydiving with her and she said she just needed someone “interesting.”

So, Austin said he would get back to her with a resume so he could prove himself worthy of the skydiving adventure.

The next day, Emma received an email from Austin with a resume and cover letter attached! When she opened it, she couldn’t believe how much effort he had put into it.

In his resume, Austin included his education, history, and why he wanted this opportunity to skydive with Emma. Not only was it professional, but it was very convincing.

In the end, Emma agreed to set up an interview with Austin in order to really see if he was the right fit to go skydiving with her.

According to Buzzfeed, the interview went pretty well. They plan to go skydiving on October 28, 2017.

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