Essex Police Car Filmed Behaving Erratically

A concerned passenger in Essex filmed a short video to show a police car behaving very erratically on a busy main road.

The video has been viewed almost 1.5 million times, shows the vehicle ahead of the filming passenger weaving around in the lane and at one point almost colliding with the central reservation.

Check out the video:

The video was filmed at about 2pm on September 23 on the M11 near Harlow, Essex by Stacey Dixon, who was in the car while her husband, Mattie, was driving.

The couple filmed it because they were worried the driver’s actions could have caused a crash.

Mr Dixon said: “My missus only started filming because the police car had previously veered across the carriageway causing another car to brake violently and swerve to avoid a collision.

“It was worrying to see a police car acting in this way, and there seemed to be no reason for it at all.

“We were genuinely concerned that he may hit another vehicle, that’s why Stacey started filming.

“When I pulled off at a junction I could see there was a uniformed driver and a rear seat passenger.”

However, Essex police have suggested an explanation for the driver’s behaviour.

A spokesman for the force said: “Advanced drivers are taught to move within the lane to get a better view of the road ahead.

“Officers may also need to keep a view on a vehicle ahead, which may explain why they are driving in this way.”

Asked if he accepted the police explanation, Mr Dixon said: “No, there was a prisoner in the rear.

“There were also no vehicles within view for a long time as the police car was doing 60mph and all the cars in front had driven off into the distance.

“This also doesn’t excuse him for almost colliding with other vehicles.”

The post attracted a lot of opinions online.

“What annoys me more is car drivers like you scared to beep.. flash.. pull in front of him and make him aware.. .for. the risk of been pulled.. bring it on i say don’t be a pussy because it’s the fukin corrupted enforcement. .. ffs.. even better u had proof of this so he can’t even blag it n try push it onto you for anything dodgey.. if he did I’d take it far further. . But nope. People like u like police pull out ay junctions.. slow down n move over cos u see a police car.. and drive behind a dangerous police driver for 6 miles.. well done… grow some ppl don’t b influenced by these policeman,” (sic) raged one commenter.

“Probably on his phone should of pulled a long side him,” said another.

Photo: ladbible


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