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10 Of The Simplest Things That We Still Do Wrong


Life is not hard. We over complicate it. We always end up with some terrible way to mess up something that is so blatantly simple. The worst part it that we don’t even know that there are simpler ways to do these already simple looking things.

Well, you can start here at mastering these skills as we have put together 10 of such things you can do with much less effort.

Take a Look:

#1 Sharpening your razor blades is so easy.

#1 Sharpening your razor blades is so easy.

via Don’t know why this tip is giving me the idea that a serial killer came up with this

Just iron your old jeans with an old razor and have its blades sharpened.

#2 Problem of finding clothes.

#2 Problem of finding clothes.

via Mom, this is why I can’t get my life together..sniff

Just keep your clothes sidewards into the drawer so as to spot your favourite one quickly.