Father Who ‘Choked His Step-Daughter’s Bully’ At A Skate Park Is Labelled A HERO

A father who lashed-out at a 14-year-old boy who he claimed had been ‘bullying his step-daughter’ has been addressed as a hero online – after the video of the attack went viral.

The 53-year-old man, who tracked the teenager down at a skate park in The Gap, Brisbane on Sunday, has been charged with assault after the boy lodged a complaint.

But that didn’t stop parents throwing their support behind the father with one even commenting on the story for someone to ‘buy that man a beer’.

Another claimed the father needed to be chosen for ‘Australian of the Year’.

Other parents commented they would may have acted the same way if their child was being harmed, even if it meant breaking the law.

‘No sympathy whatsoever for the bully… do that to my daughter and I am coming for your a**e gun blazing !!!! I will gladly go to jail for it… the pain from birthing my daughter is worse than a jail treatment… Rubbish,’ a mother said.

‘I would do the same as schools do nothing about it . We should all do something about it as so many kids have taken their lives because they been bullied,’ said a dad.

Some parents applauded the man on his efforts.

‘Different story when the tables are turned isn’t it. We all know bullies are cowards but they are the first to run crying to the police if anyone calls them out. Good on you dad respect and admiration to you,’ said another father.

‘The torment that some bullies dish out can scar a person for life. They don’t stop they just continue to torment their chosen victim. Thank god that Dad stepped in (I would do the same)! Punish the tormentors not the Dad. Sad world we live in,’ commented another parent.’

Others blamed the system for the father’s need to respond with violence.

‘If more was done to these bullies by the justice system and schools then parents wouldn’t feel the need to deal with these bullies with extreme measures,’ one man said.

‘I’d wager he wont bully her again. If the law protected the girl in the first place, the Dad wouldn’t have had to step in,’ said another man.

Others offered to start fundraising efforts ‘for any fines’.

‘He acted angrily in response to his step daughter being bullied. I applaud his reaction. When a school tells you bullying is not a problem, when the parent of a bully tells you everyone does it so go away well something has to be done to protect your child. If there is a fine I will donate $10 towards it.’

Mobile phone footage shows the father grab the boy by the throat as he sits down on a rack.

The man’s strength pushes the boy on to his back as he continues to strangle the child who vulnerably waves his arms and hits the man in the chest.

The boy’s friends then intervene, shouting ‘Get the f*** off him, get off him!’

Ultimately they get the man off as the shocking clash continues before the pair are separated.

The boy complained to police and showed them footage of the attack.

The man has been charged with assault causing bodily harm and is due to face Brisbane Magistrate’s Court on March 20.

‘It will be alleged that around 3.20pm on March 3, a man assaulted a 14-year-old boy at a skate park on Glen Affric Street in The Gap,’ a spokesman for Queensland Police said.

Photo: dailymail


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