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If You Can Read The Last Number In All These Lines, Experts Say You Have Perfect Vision


Sometimes, tests aren’t required to find out where your eyes stand. These tests usually require you to read off lines of letters and numbers that appear larger and smaller through a scope. Naturally, the smaller these letters are, the more difficult it is to read them. These tests are typically only done at eye appointments, when getting a driver’s license and in elementary schools.

But, there is a new quiz that is out that may have a role in determining just how well your vision is.

This quiz is designed to determine the ability of the person’s color sensitivity and the object is to detect objects nearly invisible.

A sequence of five letters, shapes or numbers appear on a board as part of the quiz and as they progress across the board, the images get more ambiguous, thus making the person work harder to determine what it is. It is the fifth object in the row that is the most challenging and the person’s result, could determine whether they have high color sensitivity or a slight color deficiency.

For example, the image below:

And as you go down the boards, the fifth image in each only gets more difficult to see…

As you can see (or not see) below, the images get more and more challenging as you proceed with the quiz…

For those who can pick up on the number five in the above image, they are said to have high sensitivity to color. After you go through all the boards, you are asked to calculate your score to determine your answer. 


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