Girl Born With A Severe Facial Deformity Is Shunned By Public

Though her parents love her so much, their families refused to accept her.

When Elena Shpengler gave birth to her daughter Darina, doctors were not ready to show her the baby. Elena noticed that the doctors looked worried and even wrapped the baby in a blanket. She knew there and then that something was definitely wrong.

For hours, Elena begged the doctors. She wanted to see her child for the first time, and she didn’t stop until they permitted her. Doctors soon gave in and showed her Darina. As soon as she saw her daughter, she lost consciousness from the shock.

Her daughter, Darina, had been born with serious face disorder that left her with no lips or chin and her face covered in blood.

Doctors urged the couple to just leave the child at the hospital and forget about her. But the loving parents from Krasnoyarsk region of Russia refused to do so. Her husband, Yury, told Elena “She is ours, our girl.”

They took her home and nurtured her, loved her like any ordinary parent would. Unfortunately, they faced cruelty and hurtful reactions from people around them, including their own families.

Apart from Elena’s sister, most of their family members cut-off communication with them and refused to accept Darina. Some relatives even called the police and reported the couple to have deliberately disfigured Darina. Because of this kind of treatment, the family was forced to move away.

Elena said: “Only my sister supported me, all other relatives just stopped any communication with us. My brothers, their children, my husband’s mother—nobody wanted to accept Darina.”

She added: “We do not hide Darina from people. We take her everywhere with us. My husband Yury does not feel ashamed either. He takes Darina everywhere. People told us to put a mask on her but he replied: ‘If you don’t want, don’t look at her – but we accept her the way she is.”

The couple tried hard to raise her as normally as possible, but other people won’t just let them. They tried to enroll her in a local kindergarten, but was refused by the teachers, as they feared that the other children might get scared of her. Social services send two teachers to visit Darina once a week for her basic education but still, Elena wants her to be able to get out and make friends.

She said, “She is such a sociable girl. We have bought lots of toys for her but nothing can replace friends.”

Meanwhile, the doctors in Moscow told Yury and Elena that their daughter Darina will have to undergo major surgery every two years. Astonishingly, in spite of the local doctors failed to support them, the Shpenglers were able to raise money to pay for medical treatment in Moscow.

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