Hit Carp Calendar With Naked Models Back For The 5th Year Now

who would have thought that a calendar featuring carps would become a bestseller, Not even the curator!

Hendrik Pöhler’s unusual creation has become an Amazon best seller and the most popular sports calendar in his homeland, Germany.

The 29-year-old, from Emstek in the country’s north west, said it took him eight weeks to make the latest edition, catching large carp and then asking models to pose with the slippery fish.

Each month features a scantily-clad or naked woman posing with a large, scaly carp. Two handlers are at the shoot to ensure the freshwater fish are cared for.

After the release of 2018’s ‘Carponizer Erotic Carp Fishing Calendar’, Pöhler said: ‘I started selling in Germany, but now we have friends all over the world, especially in US.

‘On Amazon, we are ranked in the top bestselling calendars, in Germany it’s always the number one sports calendar.

‘I sell fishing equipment for carp anglers, that was one of my intentions for creating the calendar.

‘The other is, why not combine the two best things in the world, beautiful carps and nice girls.’

He said that ‘everything must be perfect’ for the shoot, which takes between six and eight weeks to complete.

‘The model, the carp and also the weather, it’s not easy to catch carps this size,’ he revealed.

‘After, we need the same time for design and production. June is my favorite picture, I like to place my favorite picture in my birth month.

‘The calendars are always special, because there is no other fishing calendar with this idea and this perfect quality.’


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