Hold Your Breath, This Stunning 50 YO Mom Will Blow You Away With Her Stunning Bikini Body

First thing first, you got to believe me when I say that this woman is 50-years-old. I am sure many of you would doubt that after seeing the unbelievable pics.

Liu Yelin, the super youthful mother from China makes sure that she wears a bikini whenever she hits the road and she calls the attire her ‘armour’, you will realise why she calls so after seeing the images.

The super-fit mom decided to do her routine even in the minus 40 degree Celsius and flaunted her perfect body on the frozen surface of Lake Baikal in Russia. She said that ‘the icy strong winds felt like hundreds of knives to my skin’.

The envious mother even accepted the challenge to swim in Lake Baikal and diving under the icy surface, which is the world’s oldest and deepest lake.

It is hard to believe that this woman has a 23-year-old son. She loves extreme sports and taking up challenges in extreme weather.

She said: ‘You know China is relatively conservative. Sometimes I got asked why I owe so many bikinis and wear bikinis so often, I would joke: “I am saving fabric for the country”.’

In reality, the age-defying TV personality likes bikinis because ‘they can show my body, there is nowhere you could hide anything’.

‘My bikinis are my armour. With them, I feel confident, healthy and youthful.’

She decided to visit Russia after she images of people ice diving. ‘I saw it and thought it was really cool, so I arranged a trip for me and my family. I’m an extremely straightforward person,’ she said.

‘The weather forecast said the temperatures would be around minus 15 degree Celsius, but when I arrived there, it was definitely much colder, something like minus 40 or so.’

She wants to do things that many people would love to do but couldn’t, as they cannot push their body to the limit.

She explained: ‘I know Lake Baikal is very famous for the blue ice with air bubbles trapped inside, so I’ve chosen to come here.’

She became a household name in China after she posted her pics n Weibo account on Chinese social media. People were surprised to see her youthful and wrinkle-free skin and her ripped torso.

Not surprisingly, she is often mistaken for her son’s girlfriend. Apparently, Mr Liu has worked out every winter outdoors for about 30 years, and that’s her secret of staying youthful.

She said her favorite thing to do is to swim in the lake near her house in winter.

‘It is true that it is painful to take off your clothes and dive into the water, but you would feel great for an entire day after you finish.

‘And more importantly, you would stay healthy for a life time.’

Well, she has definitely it to the next level which might be difficult for others to match it up.


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