Horror Flick ‘Ghostland’ Lands In Trouble After The Deadpool Actress Sues The Production House

Canadian actress Taylor Hickson sued a production company after suffering from a disfiguring face injury. Starring in the movie, the Deadpool star was injured while filming in December 2016 in Canada.

Hickson was required to shoot an ’emotionally charged scene’ in which her character was required to, ‘with her face near or against the glass in a door, pound it with her fists’.

The incident occurred days after her 19th birthday. The director had apparently asked her to pound harder on the door. However, the director, Pascak Laugier is not named in the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, Hickson had asked Laugier and the producer, who was also not named in the suit, if it was safe to keep pounding hard on the glass.

Unfortunately, the glass shattered and caused serious injuries to the actress. She was then rushed to the hospital, where she needed 70 stiches on the left side of the face.

‘The crafts services lady held my face together with napkins in her hands,’ Hickson told. ‘She went through so many napkins, there was so much blood.’

Photos of her horrific injury show her face bloodied with a large gaping slash that runs from her chin to her cheek.

Though, the photographs showed some bruising, it was actually the prosthetics and makeup for the scene. The actress has undergone laser and silicone treatments to repair the damage to her face. She told that she is left with ‘mass amounts of insecurity’.

‘Over one year post-incident, (Hickson) has been left with permanent scarring on the left side of her face,’ the suit reads.

‘It is unknown at this time if any further treatment, including plastic surgery, would reduce the visual appearance of the injury.’

She also claimed that the injury has hampered her income as the future projects remains in the dark. The movie is slated to hit the screens in France next week. Ironically, the posters show the actress with a disfigured face.


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