Husband Realizes How Much Wife Does After Watching Her Secretly

The Itsumo-Arigato-Project (Thank-You-Always Project) by Kao Corporation in Japan begins with this question: Who carries a heavier load? Women or men?

A survey of 100 men and women on the streets of Tokyo revealed that women carried loads that weighed an average of 15 lbs, twice as heavy as the loads carried by men. 18% of the women interviewed were carrying over 30 lbs. Highlighting this subject, the following short film captures the day of a young mother living in Tokyo with her husband and baby son. Secretly watching her routine from inside a van, the husband is moved when he sees just how much weight his wife must bear.


Thank You Always

Sieh dir das Video “Thank You Always” an, das LGreen auf Dailymotion hochgeladen hat.

This man seemed surprised to see his wife operating at full capacity from early morning until late at night.  Many of us take for granted the very things that deserve our gratitude. A simple “thank you” every now and again can support and encourage your loved ones. When was the last time you thanked the important people in your life?

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