Indian Farmer Believes Photo Of Film Star Saved His Crops

An irrational farmer from India has accomplished in saving his crops thanks to a little help from porn star Sunny Leone.

Imaginative agriculturalist Chenchu Reddy’s crops were drawing in unsolicited attention from nearby villagers, so in order to ward off their ‘evil eye’ he printed out a huge poster of the adult movie actress and placed it in his field.

He claims that the substitute scarecrow has been working a treat. So much so, in fact, that he estimates it might be magic.

The poster reads: “Hey, don’t cry or feel jealous of me!” and has a picture of the porn star posing in a red bikini.

The cauliflower, okra and chili farmer was quoted in local media as saying: “Year after year, I would suffer losses because of a poor yield.

“The crops looked healthy for some time, but then something would go wrong. It then struck me that my farm is located next to a road and every passer-by can see it.

“This year, I have a good crop on 10 acres. This has been attracting unnecessary attention of villagers and passersby.

“To ward off their evil eye, I thought of this idea of putting up the big flax poster of Sunny Leone a couple of days ago.

“The trick has worked. Nobody is looking at my crop now. It’s been a month and I can see the difference. People don’t look at my farm as they are busy staring at the pictures.”

However, Reddy is stubborn that he isn’t a fan of the actress personally but had been told by a friend that she was popular.

And Reddy also shut down the notion of possible protest from local officials, saying: “The officials never bother to come to our fields to find out our problems. Why should they have any objection?”

Might we see a new direction for the world of scarecrows in the wake of this successful experiment?

Photo: ladbible


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