Indian Man Marries His Girlfriend After Her Face Gets Disfigured In Accident

In an accident his girlfriend’s face was disfigured. But, still, he loves her and could not live without her for even a day.

Jayaprakash P., or Jai, is a handsome man from India. During their last year of high school, he met a beautiful girl, Sunitha Nair.

“I don’t know why I was looking at her,” Jai said, as he recalled the first time he saw Sunitha. “She was late to class. She came in, walked in and went to her seat. Till that moment, my eyes were on her. The next day when I met her, she started with a heartfelt ‘good morning.’”

Both of them spent a lot of time together and they became great friends. “We shared lessons together, food together, everything together, just that I didn’t know the feelings he had for me,” said Sunitha.

For few years they lost contact after graduation, but with the help of social media they befriended each other. Sunitha called him on her birthday and they met up again, and from that day on, their love blossomed.

On day, while driving home Sunitha met with an accident. Her car rolled and skidded on the road. The accident was so impact that she was partly thrown out of the side window, and her face scraped along the pavement for several meters. The rest of her body was unhurt.

When Jai heard the news he rushed to the hospital. When he saw Sunitha’s face, his tears started pouring down his face—he cried so hard Sunitha felt sorry for him.

He returned home and examined his feelings. At the night he couldn’t sleep, nor could he stop thinking about Sunitha. Jai could not deny the feelings he had for the lovely girl he came to know and love.

“My feelings towards her hadn’t changed. I knew she was the girl for me. Nothing else mattered. The next day, I proposed,” said Jai.

The next day he asked Sunitha at the hospital, for her hand in marriage. When she heard it she was so shocked and laughed aloud, thinking he was having a joke.

Jai recalled the moment, “I said ‘let’s get married’ and then I said, ‘I’m in love with you.’”

When she realized that he was serious, she agreed to his proposal.

After Sunitha was released from the hospital, Jai went to visit her at her home.

“It was 3 o’clock in the night and she was waiting at the terrace in her house and I went there,” Jai recalled.

Jai prepared three roses to give to Sunitha and said, “let’s get married.”

“I said yes,” said Sunitha. “I was the happiest woman on earth that day.”

Jai and Sunitha now have a beautiful girl born from their union, and they named her Atmia, which means “my soul.”

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