Luton Strongman ‘The Tulk’ Lifts Car Blocking Driveway

A man was annoyed when he saw that someone had blocked his auntie’s driveway. Then the man, Hakan Acar, went and lifted the car to move it out of the way.

Hakan, 23, who also known as ‘the Tulk’, short for Turkish Hulk, got tired of his auntie Abi Mustafa’s month-long parking row with her neighbours. So, one day he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Hakan said that the neighbours were unhappy with Abi parking her car outside their house – on a public road. So, they ‘deliberately blocked her in as revenge’.

Hakan said: “My auntie and I see each other every day. That day I got a call from her. She said that the people opposite had just parked in front of her drive – blocking her in.

“The thing is the neighbours opposite don’t have a driveway and my auntie parked her car in front of their house.

“She said she can park there because there isn’t a driveway. The people opposite don’t like her parking there but she says she’s every right to because there’s no drive. It causes no problems for them, so it just feels petty to me.

“So in retaliation they put their car in front of my auntie’s drive, which blocked her in. They did this deliberately.

“We spoke to the woman in the house opposite and she was okay but her boyfriend started swearing and cursing, saying: ‘Well, I’m not going to move my car until you move yours.’

“That’s when I thought I would attempt to move it.”

When Hakan was unable to solve the ‘petty’ disagreement with the neighbours who refused to move the car, he said that he was forced to move the vehicle.

The bizarre incident was filmed and it’s kind of hard to accept the fact that he did this.

Hakan said: “I said to the guy opposite: ‘Either you’re going to move the car, or I’m going to move the car.’

“He said in response, ‘I will call the police,’ but I didn’t mind, because I knew blocking somebody’s driveway is just not the right thing to do.

“They had put it there deliberately to block my auntie in. It was an act of revenge because they don’t like where she parks and that’s just not fair.

“I was worried that the hand brake might have been on – and I was trying to work out whether it was front or rear wheel drive. Then it just started moving.

“I’m quite a calm person – I’m not an angry person at all but hearing the way he spoke to my auntie just upset me a bit.

“To be honest I didn’t go over with the intention of actually pushing the car in the first place. I just wanted to see how heavy it was but then I realised I could move it.

“I’ve pulled eight and a half tonne trucks before so a one tonne Corsa wasn’t going to be a problem.

“My cousin started coming over to help me push it. However as I lifted it, it just started moving and I knew I’d got it going. It turned out I’d moved it before my cousin could even make it over.”

Hakan said his auntie’s neighbours went to the police to complain about the damage caused to the Vaixhall Corsa, and an investigation has been launched.

He denied all the charges and called them ‘childish’ and said that he didn’t do any damage to the Corsa.

A spokesperson for Bedforshire Police said: “Officers are now investigating a report of criminal damage to a vehicle at the location.

“PCSOs will continue to engage with both parties as well partners to work towards a resolution.

“Bedfordshire Police does not enforce parking restrictions – this is the responsibility of the local authority.”

Photo: ladbible


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