Man, 63, Is Arrested ‘After Making A Series Of Racist Facebook Posts

A man has been arrested who allegedly posted he had ‘no worries about ending the life of any Muslim’.

The man, named Eric King, 63, is accused of sharing other vile content including a video of a man urinating on the Quran.

Another post on the account said: ‘Islam needs to be wiped off the face of the earth, if that means killing all Muslims, so be it’, above a shared post from Britain First regarding religion in Germany.

King’s page then issued a full post on September 15, which has since been removed, saying:

‘Why are we being forced to except [sic] all these immigrants, they are the scum of the world I hate every one of them, I have no worries about ending the life of any Muslim, they are more than happy to end the lives of all white people, the day is coming when we the white true people of the UK will revolt and take the country back.’

A local man, whose identity is not revealed, complained about Mr King’s post, said: ‘I was dismayed to see on Facebook that Eric King so publicly was keeping up his hateful campaign.

‘The violent threats towards Muslims worry me greatly having friends and knowing people of that faith live locally. I would expect them to speak up regarding Islamic extremist and I don’t see Mr King’s hate speech any differently.’

King, of St Austell, Cornwall, declined to comment on the reaction to his alleged racist posts.

Police said: ‘A 63-year-old man from St Austell was arrested on suspicion of publishing threatening written material intending to stir up religious / sexual orientation hatred.

‘The suspect has now been released under investigation pending further enquiries to be carried out.’

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