Man risks life by  Climbing Out Of His Room On Telephone Cables to avoid paying bills!

A man risked his life by choosing to escape paying restaurant bills by climbing out his room with the help of the telephone wire!

The man in question can be seen dangling from the wires, which are at least 60 metres (196ft) above the ground. Clearly, he hasn’t had a past in acrobatics because he doesn’t make it to the other side and ends up stuck in the middle.

According to China Daily, the wires the man was holding onto dear life with, were swinging incredibly close to some other high voltage power lines.

The video has been uploaded to social media and people cannot believe how bad this decision was. One person on YouTube said: “God this man is a fucking fool, how about a good ole run in the streets instead of risk your ass on a wire for few bucks.”

The man was forced to dangle precariously high above the ground until the emergency services came to his rescue. Panzhou Firefighters eventually arrived and got him back to the hotel safely, with a spokesperson saying: “The man did not suffer any injuries, he is safe now.”

It’s reminiscent of the time an Australian man dived into the ocean after eating AUD$261 (£153) worth of seafood. Terry Peck downed two lobster mornays, 21 oyster shooters, a baby octopus and six Coronas during his feast in Brisbane, but wasn’t really up for paying for it.

The Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant is right on the water and he went straight in and swam for his life. Unluckily for him, police took after him on jet-skis. But he apparently refused to return to shore, forcing officers to ‘apprehend’ him in the water and bring him back safely.

Moral of the story: don’t try and skip out on paying your bill because you’ll most likely get caught.

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