Man Woken Up By Mysterious Noises, Discovers Rare Visitors Outside His Home

One Tuesday morning, Tim Newton, a resident of Anchorage, Alaska, heard scratching noises on his porch. He was very much surprised when he discovered what they were.

A bunch of lynx kittens!

In a media interview, Newton shared:

“I crept over to the window and opened the curtains a crack, and could see it looked like a cat.

“I started to think nothing more of it. But then I noticed it had really big feet and little tiny hairs on its ears. So I knew then it was probably a lynx kitten – not a full grown cat.”

His natural reaction, of course, was to get his camera and take photos of the rare moment.

The photographer continued:

“Normally when you see a lynx, you have just enough time to get your camera out, and then they’re gone. So I was thrilled I could get a couple pictures of them playing on the deck. And I thought that might be the end of it.”

Much to his delight, however, he was able to take much, much more.

He was able to capture about 10 to 20 more additional shots before the lynx kittens headed to his home’s other side.

Newton initially thought they already left but then again, he heard the mother from the bushes.

“Then I saw the grass… rustling. It’s like in Jurassic Park! We got the velociraptors going through the bushes – well that’s what I saw. And lo and behold, one by one, all these baby lynx came to mama and shuffled out onto the deck, right in front of me, where I was standing behind the screen.”

Newton had 7 lynx kittens and 1 mother outside his house.

Here are some additional pictures of the wild cats:

Photo: Elitereaders


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