Margot Robbie Tattoos One Of Graham Norton’s Crew Members

I’m sure most of us don’t know anything about our favorite celebrities.

But how about the fact that Margot Robbie is a tattoo artist? The Wolf Of Wall Street actress has previously tattooed crew and cast members of her films.

So, obviously, Graham Norton was going to ask her to show off her ink skills on The Graham Norton Show.

Graham explained the background to the story, revealing that Margot had previously tattooed members of the Suicide Squad crew.

Tattooing smiling faces, with crosses for eyes (just like the logo for the film), she inked the big toes of some of her colleagues. Others got the word ‘squad’ inked on them.

Overall, the Australian-born actress reckoned she had tattooed around 100 people.

The next question was who to tattoo. She was sat on the sofa with Reese Witherspoon, Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. Everybody turned to Ford for his offering.

“It would be so funny, please,” joked Robbie.

After some thought, and discussion, Norton had to check if this was a serious consideration for the Indiana Jones actor.

“Are you genuinely thinking about this?” asked Norton.

Ford answered with a firm ‘no’ before Robbie confessed she really thought she had a chance of tattooing the award-winning actor.

“That’s acting,” joked Ford.

Eventually, a crew member, Adam, came up onto the sofa, ready for his big moment.

“They [Adam] are willing to do this,” laughed Norton as he introduced the model for the evening. “They are very keen, he’s washed his feet and talced them.”

Robbie donned a pair of blue latex gloves before getting to work.

“I actually haven’t done one for a while. My hands are shaking but you don’t want to hear that,” Robbie told Adam.

“I like doing it, I really do. I’m not particularly good, but I like doing it.”

In spite of a few grimaces from Adam, her work was neat, and Robbie completed the tattoo. She even offered to tidy it up for him backstage.

Perhaps the other revealing thing about the evening’s tattoo discussion was Ryan Gosling’s ink work.

The 36-year-old showed off his tattoo on his left arm, supposedly of a ‘monster dropping a heart’.

However, in his own words, he described it more as a ‘chicken making love to a cactus.’

Watch the video below:

Photo: ladbible


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